Dementia and personal hygiene

Use wash products the person is familiar with, recommends Helen Drain

Ensuring a good personal hygiene routine can become more challenging as your loved one’s dementia progresses. Helen Drain, Dementia Trainer & Deputy Training Team Leader at Christies Care in Suffolk, has this advice…

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Dementia and continence issues


Continence problems can occur for a variety of reasons

A person with dementia may develop continence issues, which can be distressing. But whatever the cause, there are lots of ways to help manage the situation. We asked the experts at Christies Care for their advice on managing continence problems…  Continue reading Dementia and continence issues

Coping with personal hygiene

Personal care is a very sensitive topic

By Jill Eckersley

One of the things that carers have to get used to is providing what is tactfully described as ‘personal care’. Continue reading Coping with personal hygiene