Dementia and continence issues


Continence problems can occur for a variety of reasons

A person with dementia may develop continence issues, which can be distressing. But whatever the cause, there are lots of ways to help manage the situation. We asked the experts at Christies Care for their advice on managing continence problems…  Continue reading Dementia and continence issues

‘We struggled to get a diagnosis’

Anne (left) with her father Keith, brother Paul and mum Pat

Anne Bajorek is Head of Fundraising at Young Dementia UK, the charity that the Dementia Help team has chosen to fundraise for during our forthcoming Cycle Challenge in June. Anne has also had personal experience of dementia.  Continue reading ‘We struggled to get a diagnosis’

Coping with personal hygiene

Personal care is a very sensitive topic

By Jill Eckersley

One of the things that carers have to get used to is providing what is tactfully described as ‘personal care’. Continue reading Coping with personal hygiene

‘I juggled my business with caring for mum’

Businesswoman Monica Bradley had to juggle long hours at work running her own company with caring for her mother, Agnes. Here’s her story…  Continue reading ‘I juggled my business with caring for mum’

Choosing a good care home

Seniors playing cards together
Don’t leave it till the last minute to find a care home

By Christina Neal

Choosing the right care home for a loved one can feel like a monumental task. There’s a lot to think about and consider. Continue reading Choosing a good care home

Support is so crucial

My mum Hazel needed the support of her close family

By Christina Neal

My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2009. She’d had a stressful few years, looking after my father who died in 2007. Continue reading Support is so crucial

Six things to avoid saying to a person with dementia

Young Woman Discussing Problems With Counselor
Choosing your words carefully can keep the peace

Caring for a person with dementia can be frustrating, exhausting and – sometimes – downright baffling. Continue reading Six things to avoid saying to a person with dementia

Making the person safe at home


coffee pot on stove
Consider how safe the person’s home environment is


If your loved one lives alone, it’s going to take some foresight to ensure they remain safe at home. They may still be independent but their needs will increase over time and they may already need help with certain tasks. Continue reading Making the person safe at home