Free guide to coping with challenging behaviour

I know from personal experience that caring for a loved one with dementia is a huge challenge. Dementia affects moods, behaviour and judgement – not just memory. This can mean the person you care for may become angry, upset or confused. But there are strategies you can use to help ease the stress for both of you. Click here to download this free guide to coping with challenging behaviour. I hope it helps.

Christina Neal
Dementia Help

The Dementia Help Cycle Challenge route

Dementia Help’s managing director Christina Neal and co-director Peter Berry (who has early Alzheimer’s) are cycling 330 miles across the UK from Wales to Aldeburgh from 25th to 30th June to raise vital funds for YoungDementia UK – our route is above. There are over 42,000 young people (under the age of 65) diagnosed with a form of dementia in the UK, and many more thought to be living with the condition yet not diagnosed. Our co-director, Peter Berry, had to give up his family business when he was diagnosed as he was unable to run the company he had successfully grown for many years.

Peter says: ‘Cycling allows me to leave my dementia at home for just a while and makes me feel like the person I used to be, rather than the person I’ve become. I know this Cycle Challenge is one event I won’t ever forget.’


You can sponsor the Dementia Help team and donate to YoungDementia UK by clicking on the link below:

Our sponsors
Huge thanks to our sponsors, who have made this challenge possible: Christies Care, Sax Velo, Munchy Seeds, Foxearth Lodge, uTalk, Monica Bradley Associates and Harley Street Vein Clinic.

Moving map created by Dave Collison.