Do you care for a loved one living alone and worry about the person wandering and getting lost? A new Safe and Found program from MedicAlert could put your mind at rest.

There are so many challenges when caring for a person with dementia. If your loved one lives alone and wants to remain independent for as long as possible, you may respect their wishes but worry about them. Getting lost can be a common occurrence when the person’s dementia takes hold.

MedicAlert is the leading charity dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals with medical conditions and memory loss.

MedicAlert is proud to introduce the Safe and Found program, a much-needed solution designed to assist those living with dementia and cognitive impairments to reunite with their families safely. With 944,000 people currently living with dementia in the UK and approximately 40,000 reported missing every year, this initiative is of utmost importance.

To support the launch of Safe and Found, MedicAlert is thrilled to offer first-year MedicAlert membership FREE. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from The McLay Dementia Trust and match funding by MedicAlert, individuals living with dementia can experience enhanced safety, increased independence, and a fuller life while providing invaluable peace of mind to both themselves and their caregivers.

Herbert Protocol

Safe and Found is now available nationwide, providing individuals living with dementia the opportunity to store their Herbert Protocol digitally securely. This information-rich document, already used by police forces nationwide, contains vital details that greatly assist in locating missing individuals, including recent photographs, significant places, routines, connections, medical information, and more.

The Herbert Protocol has a proven track record of reducing search time and improving the chances of finding the individual safe and well. MedicAlert’s contribution to this process is ensuring emergency services have quick access to this critical information precisely when it is needed the most.

In collaboration with The McLay Dementia Trust, MedicAlert will grant first-year MedicAlert membership to over 800 people living with dementia in the UK, further demonstrating our commitment to making dementia a priority. Our partnerships with the Police and The McLay Dementia Trust enable individuals to feel safer, remain active, engage socially, and live well with dementia, knowing that we will be there with them every step of the way.

Carer ID

Additionally, MedicAlert has launched the Carer ID and the storage of Emergency Care Plans, providing crucial support to caregivers. This ensures that loved ones receive continuous and appropriate care in the event of a carer’s accident, further strengthening the safety net surrounding individuals with dementia.

To find out more and apply for membership under The MacLay Dementia Trust grant, please visit